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What is eTip ?

eTip is a social fundraising platform

connecting you with your community through donations

Crowd Focus

eTip takes crowd-funding literally.

Live sports, concerts, festivals and fundraising events are a great way to drive crowd donations

Tip someone for a job well done.

Just like tipping a waiter for good service, you can tip anyone for doing something great, or trying to achieve something great.

What does it achieve?


How does it work?

Simply search for your lucky recipient on the app or website and send a donation directly to them.

What does it achieve?

Fundraising is an integral part of local community sports, charity and events.

Many individuals, organisations and teams rely on raising extra money to continue their work, which in itself helps others.

eTip helps bridge the gap, allowing money to be raised from those who care to give, and the benefits flow through the community.

An eTip lets someone know you support what they do. Individuals and organisations can use their tips to:

  • Further their work
  • Buy new equipment
  • Put towards new facilities or events
  • Support their own charities or community
  • and much, much more.

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